Thorndike Corporation manufactures our own line of high loss absorbers to fit hundreds of old requirements and customize parts for new designs.  Our current formulas include the exact equivalents to the old standard materials used in microwave applications over the past 60 plus years.  Our materials are used in high & low power applications and are used in many components such as terminations, attenuators, mode suppressors, EMI suppressors, filters, couplers, and virtually anywhere microwave frequency suppression is desired.  They can be prepared to meet the customer’s specific needs using any of our 105 plus standard formulations or any range between these formulas.  Thorndike raw materials meet NASA aerospace criteria and can be milled, bored, threaded, tapped and ground.  It is available in bars, rods, sheet stock and custom injection molding to exact customer dimensions, holding tolerances with .0001”.



What Our Customers Say

Lieder Development, Inc.

Quality business is about relationships. Our relationship with Thorndike has been instrumental in helping provide our customers with the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. You won't find a better provider of microwave absorbing materials. We get the best prices, the best lead times and the highest quality - every time.

Kimball Chase
CEO - Lieder Development, Inc.

Alroy Microwave & Electronics Ltd.

Alroy Microwave & Electronics Limited have been doing buying Thorndike Corporation products for a number of years across all Frequency Bands.  Whether it is High or Low Power Loads, we have found them to be competitive, helpful and have products of good quality.  Their on time deliveries are very good and they are supportive.   

Mr. D. Grist
Managing Director

Apollo Microwaves Ltd.

We have been dealing with Thorndike for many years.Myself, it has been close to 30 years.During this time, with all the development we have done, Thorndike has been there through thick and thin supporting us in whatever we have asked of them.We continue to enjoy a good business relationship and based on what we know of each other this business relationship will continue.Jim has and will continue to support us in whatever comes up in the future as he has done in the past.

Mike Mathieu
Supply Chain Manager / Apollo  Microwaves Ltd.

Advanced Microwave Components

Thorndike Corporation is the type of company that is hard to find, but I am glad we have! We have done business with Jim since 1992. They provide what they promised on a short notice, tight timelines, and with amazing correspondence. They exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them - without a doubt.

Matt Sciarrino
President of Advanced Microwave Components